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Is it correct to say that "We feel belonging to someone or a group" or "We feel oneness towards a person or a group"?
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    No. If you could explain your intended meaning we might be able to suggest an alternative.

    I meant to say that "Sometimes people feel that someone or the people of a group are like their family members or they have a special liking for them." Like an American is in India and he finds few people who are also American. This person never met them before this is the first time he has met them but because they are his country men he feels oneness towards them.


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    Let's say it was a soldier talking about the army: you could say "the army gave me a sense of belonging", or "In the army I felt I really belonged".


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    "There is oneness among them". Is this sentence correct?
    It is grammatically correct (it does not break the rules of grammar), but it is not a natural mode of expression - not the usual way we say things.

    You could say 'They have a feeling of unity' or 'a sense of identity'.
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