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"This Thanksgiving my local paper featured a color photo on the front page of a family celebrating at the beach, pulling a large turkey out of a fryer. Below the fold was another one, this of a woman in Sudan, sitting by a roadside, obviously undernourished, trying to sell her only goat so she could provide for herself and her family."

What's "the fold" here?

  • JulianStuart

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    If you fold a newspaper in half, there is a fold: the text in the top half of the page is visible but the information below the fold is not. Newspapers are typically stacked after one fold for storage and sale.

    Edit: it even has its own definition in the WRF dictionary

    • the line formed along the horizontal center of a standard-sized newspaper when it is folded after printing.
    • a rough-and-ready dividing line, esp. on the front page and other principal pages, between stories of primary and lesser importance.
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