bend and break (keane song)

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Quería saber si esos dos verbos forman alguna frase que tenga otro significado, porque yo no le veo sentido si las traduzco como doblar y quebrar. Un fragmente de la canción de Keane:

If only I don't bend and break
I'll meet you on the other side
I'll meet you in the light
O sea
Si no me doblo y me quiebro:confused:
Te encontraré del otro lado
Te encontraré en a luz

Muchas gracias!!
  • Eddie

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    Hi, Alc.

    You are correct in your translation of those two verbs. Basically, bending and breaking are mail delivery terms. The idea involves the fragility (fragilidad) of something being sent through the mail. In those cases, you usually see Do Not Fold or Do Not Bend on a package.

    In Keane's song, he's singing about his potential physical and/or emotional fragility.

    ¿Te ayudó mi explicación?



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    Hi again, Alc.

    You're welcome. I was taking a closer look at lines 2 & 3 of the song you quoted, and I noticed that on the other side (the afterlife: heaven) and in the light (God's presence) are religious terms.

    Without knowing what the rest of the song is, I would assume what Keane is saying is, If I don't fail as a human being in this life because of physical or spiritual frailty, I will meet you in the next life.


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    I just have the same question as alc112 and, to be honest, I did not expect that I could find in the forum such a good answer as yours Eddie

    Thanks a lot


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    holis, bueno, yo estaba buscando el significado de esas palabras precisamente por esa cancion y me encontre esta pagina y me gusto.
    lo malo es que no se si hablan espanol pues yo lo leo y lo entiendo, pero no lo escribo muy bien.
    bueno, ojala que me entiendan,
    pero gracias por la explicacion de la letra, no se si tenga sentido religioso, pero si fuera asi de todos modos me gusta.
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