bend it like Beckham


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Mandarin, Taiwan
Hi there, last night when my dear landlord and I were watching the TV he suddenly said "Oh, he is bending it like Beckham!" which means that guy was doing very well. I'd assume it is quite a trendy phrase and I'm wondering if you ever use it in everyday conversation? My landlord is not sure how popular it is and whether it sneaks into the vocabularies of daily life.
  • kenny4528

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    Mandarin, Taiwan
    I didn't know that it meant "He is doing very well." I have always taken its meaning to be literal: "Bend that free Kick (in football) as David Beckham does." Have I missed something? :confused:
    I don't know... maybe its definition varies among people?
    And I should mention the show we were watching has nothing to do with football.
    There was a film "Bend it like Beckham" {link}. It referred to the ability to "bend" the path of the ball in a free kick (in Soccer), but it apparently had the secondary meaning of bending the rules of life.

    I haven't heard it in any other context, but I can imagine that some people may pick it up and use it as a catchphrase.