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Discussion in 'Italian-English' started by diamante125, Nov 18, 2008.

  1. diamante125 New Member

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    What exactly does "bene sai " mean? I've been told it means I love you, and I also have been told it means "you know well"
  2. ThroughTheLookingGlass

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    A bit of context, Diamante? ;-)
    "Sai bene" means "you know well". A frequent formulation is "come ben sai", "as you well know".
  3. diamante125 New Member

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    In the movie "The Godfather II" one scene shows young Vito Corleone holding his baby son and he says "bene sai" the subcaption reads "I love you". Can this be correct?
  4. birus Senior Member

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    Maybe he says "ti voglio bene, sai"...
    This would be "I love you, you know".
  5. gpiro New Member

    I stole this from another site, but I looked for the same quote. This is what De Nero said (By the way, my Sicilian Father was always impressed with DeNero's use of the Sicilian dialect).

    "He says, "Michele, tu padre ti voglio bene a sai, bene a sai." In English, this would be pronounced phonetically: two podray tea volyo ben ah sigh."

    So, I'm pretty sure the "bene sai" part was "very much" As in "Your father loves you very much, very much."
  6. linodor

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    La citazione è sbagliata: " ... ti voglio bene assai" non " ... ti voglio bene a sai". It means: "I love you very much"
  7. CPA Senior Member

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    La citazione è: "Michael, tuo padre ti vuole bene assai... bene assai" = Your father loves you very much.
  8. PatsRule Senior Member

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