beneficially owned and controlled


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This phrase relates to shares, the full phrase being:

Any share may be transferred to a company beneficially owned or controlled by such Member

My try is:

Toute action peut être transféré à un société possédé et contrôlé ...................... par tel Membre.

I initially thought "benéficiairement" but it seems this word does not exist. Véritablement has been suggested but I'm not sure the meaning is correct.

Can anyone offer any help, please?
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    For the benefit of non-financial types consulting this, beneficial owner is an important concept in the context of accounts in nominee form or in the name of a third party or other situations where the true owner may be concealed.

    There is an available translation for beneficial owner: propriétaire réel.

    Effective control is an important concept in the context where majority ownership is absent.

    You may not be able to deal with both the ownership and control issues because the translation could soon become very cumbersome.

    So I would suggest manipulating the phrasing so that you would, at the very least, be able to use that available translation to deal with the beneficial owner issue.

    By the way, bh7's suggestion is close to target.

    The following attempt may satisfactorily deal with both issues:
    On peut transférer une quelconque action à une société dont le membre est le propriétaire réel ou detient un contrôle effectif.
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