benefits of reduced thermal conductivity

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    Hello, I am translation a text about turbines from English into Spanish, and I am not quite sure about the meaning of this paragraph:

    "The flipside to these efforts is that since the behaviour of the existing 8 WT% yttria/zirconia ceramic layer is widely understood in aero-engine applicactions, any change to the ceramic composition, even if there appear to be benefits of reduced thermal conductivity and/or increased fusion temperature, will have to be throughly investigated.

    What does "benefits of reduced thermal conductivity" exactly mean? is it the same as if i say benefits TO REDUCE?

    Thank you!
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    Hello intokaos. :)

    Yes, I would expect it to read "even if there appear to be benefits to reduced...."

    In another construction, we might say, for example "considering the benefits of reduced ...." However, I can't make that work here.

    : We would like you to give the title and author of the text you are quoting.
  3. intokaos Senior Member

    Of Course, the author is Rodney Wing.

    Thanks Cagey :)

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