Bengali: আদর্শ কর তফসিল


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Good morning to everyone.

I am translating a document where a license number 'according to the আদর্শ কর তফসিল" is mentioned a few times.
তফসিল is also spelled as তফশীল and তফসীল, but I guess it doesn't change the meaning.
I guess the meaning could be 'the number in the model cadastre" or something, but I'm not sure.

Thank you!
  • I am not very good at Bengali officialese, but it sounds like "ideal/model (আদর্শ) tax (কর) list/schedule (তফসিল)". তফসিল is used as an officialese for lists drawn up for some special purpose - the corresponding (Indian) English officialese is "schedule". It can be, for example, a list of tax exempt items. In India, certain historically disadvantaged communities, that have been listed to be offered "positive discrimination", are thus called "scheduled" (তফসিলভুক্ত/তফসিলি) castes/tribes. The list of languages in India having official federal funding/status, etc. is called the "অষ্টম তফসিল" or "8th Schedule", etc.