Bengali: চালান as a noun


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Good evening,

One more question about Bengali. What could চালান mean if used as a noun?
Example: চালান বই নম্বর, ইস্যুকৃত চালান.
Looks like it's some document but I don't understand which exactly.

Thank you.
  • I don't speak Bengali but it happens I am able to read it. This word is used throughout South Asia and belongs to English vocabulary as well (see challan). Normally it means 'an invoice for a fine' but other meanings are possible, according to the context, which I can't understand.
    Yes Marrish is perfectly right.
    Just to make it complete, "chalan" has another meaning (not applicable in your context, though): "transportation (of goods from one place to another)", used mostly in the collocation "chalan deoa" (চালান দেওয়া) = to send/transport/export (goods to another place), and in the derived word "chalani" (চালানি) = imported, transported from another place - very commonly used at the marketplace to indicate nonlocal produce.
    Then there is also the verbal noun "chalano" of course.