Bengali: ছাগলের বাচ্চা

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    Salamu 3alikum

    What is the etymology and pronunciation of the Bengali word ( ছাগলের বাচ্চা) which means " a goat baby". Is it pronounced as "sagol"?

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    wa 3alaikumu_ssalaam

    Let me first tell you that I don't speak Bengali but I've just spoken to someone who does. The two words you are enquiring about are pronounced [sagoler bach-cha], this is how the person I consulted read it. However, the first consonant in this word appears to be an aspirated variant of 'ch' [chh] so it seems the word is pronounced in both ways. Here is a link where you can listen to the pronunciation with [chh], and here another one, where the pronunciation of the last vowel sound is slightly different. Please click on the loudspeaker icon in order to hear it. Further to this, this word has two forms: chhag and chhagol. Let it be noted that the [o] sound is a short one.
  3. Bengali_2013 New Member

    It's a common slang. Two different ways people pronounce it. [Sagoler Bach-cha] & [Chagoler Bach-cha]. Generally, speakers from Bangladesh pronounce ছ/CHA as SA. Whether speakers from West-Bengal pronounce / CHA as CHA.
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    It comes from Sanskrit chagala- “goat”. I think the form you quoted is a Sanskrit loanword (tatsama). According to Turner the authentic Bengali word is cheli. bačča is Persian for “child, offspring”.
  5. Bengali_2013 New Member

    Yes you are right. it's a tatsama word, not tatbhaba. The SAGOL is Colloquial use of that.
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    Important point to be noted is that "chhagoler/sagoler baccha" is also an insult. If you actually want to talk about a baby goat, it is much safer to use the term "chhagol chhana". (chhana = baby animal)
  7. Dib Senior Member

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    Yes. In my father's dialect (East Midnapore), it is indeed chheli.

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