Bengali: karNadAtA (কর্ণদাতা)


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Hi everyone,

The word কর্ণদাতা appears in Rupram's "Dharmamangala" several times in phrases like "কলিযুগে তুমি কর্ণদাতা" 'You are the karnadata of the dark age', "কলিযুগে নতুবা বলাব কর্ণদাতা" 'I will once again be called the karnadata of the dark age'. It doesn't seem to be the name of a character or a class of beings. If I search it in Bengali, I mostly find Rupram's text and a few profiles of people called Karnadata. In Hindi there seem to be examples of text where "karnadata" is a role in a war or a battle, but I can't find any definition.
I thought that it could be "someone who gives information to people's ears", i. e. a storyteller or a poet, but the person calling himself Karnadata in Rupram's poem is a prince who would rather kill evil creatures than tell about it. My next guess would be "someone who creates content for stories", i. e. a hero killing monsters so that there would be something that people would later hear, but I don't know how convincing that interpretation is.
Hoping for suggestions. Thanks!
  • Karna from the Mahabharata was proverbially famous for his generosity. In modern Bengali we use 'দাতা কর্ণ' for anyone perceived to be extremely generous. I believe this is the same expression in only a marginally different shape.