Bengali: Modeer


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There a lot of rumors broadcasts that the word modeer which is in Arabic مدير means manager and used in colloquial dialect to mean something similar to boss. The ruomrs claims that modeer in Bengali means donkey. I know that donkey in Bengali is just like in Hindi and Urdu Gadha. I found somewhere that modeer in Bengali means addictive and that it is derived from a smelly wine called modeera!
Can you enlighten me on this issue. Does modeer has any pejorative connotations in Bengali Standard or slang.
  • modir to me is a literary word, indeed related to modira (wine, alcohol), signifying 'inebriated'. But it may be used figuratively without implying any real consumption of alcohol, but rather signifying a self-absorved state.

    To me the word is neutral, maybe even euphemastic when used for actual inebriated state.
    Here is the Bengali script মদীর as rightly pointed out derived from মদীরা.