bereaved OR survivors of car accident victim

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    I am translating an expert opinion containing many court decisions. Could you please advise which word fits into the underlined text, my suggestion is the bereaved, survivors, the family of, ....?

    The decision of the Supreme Court Cdo 1860/2011 dated January 31, 2012. The plaintiffs, the bereaved of the car accident victim, sought compensation of non-property damage
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    "The family" would probably sound best; "the bereaved" is something only a funeral director would say.

    It probably should be "compensation for..."
  3. David

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    I disagree strongly with the previous post. The "bereaved" are the familiares del difunto. You might say "surviving relatives" or something else.

    However, since, although you appear to be translating Sp>Eng, you do not provide the original Spanish. Hence it is virtually impossible to suggest a proper translation. You ask "which word fits into the underlined text," but you do not tell us what the Spanish original (underlined) text says. I am guessing that it refers to the familiares sobrevivientes del cesado damnificado del siniestro...or some such.
  4. apoziopeza Senior Member

    Hello David, the source text is in Czech, and it literally says the bereaved, so your suggestion is to use it?
    I think the bereaved can mean the same as the family but does not have to.
    Please advise.
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    I am an English lawyer. In our legal system, familiar-sounding words are often given a special meaning for legal purposes. As a result, choosing the wrong word, perhaps because it sounds more natural or is more widely-used in ordinary speech, may be fatal to the meaning of what is being said.

    I therefore urge you, before you make your choice, to make quite sure that you are not in danger of that error.

    If that is not a difficulty, may I ask why you need to make a choice between 2 collective terms ? Who were the plaintiffs ? The deceased's spouse and children ? If so, why not say so ?

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