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    I'm a student studying at an international school in Holland at the moment, and have been trying to translate some letters from the gemeente concerning tax payments. I have managed so far, more or less, with the help from Google translate… (yes, it is far from perfect but helpful for people struggling like me..)
    Then I came to this word 'Bericht Studiefinanciering', and Google was of not much use.. although I can hazard a guess that it is probably about student finance, grant, etc., I am not completely sure and would appreciate any clarification! I can also imagine it being something quite specific..

    The original text is:

    Een kopie van het 'Bericht Studiefinanciering', waaruit de samenstelling van uw beurs blijkt.

    I do hope I can learn Dutch more properly..!
    Thank you in advance!
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    I suppose "Bericht Studiefinaciering" refers to a document that you received that details how your studying allowance is calculated/built up.

    The original text says: "A copy of the 'Bericht Studiefinanciering', from which the composition of your allowance can be deduced".
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    A literal translation of "bericht studiefinanciering" would be: "message (concerning) study-financing".
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    A smooth translation stripped of Dutch verbosity:

    [This is] a copy of your student finance breakdown.
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