berrete (comida alrededor de la boca)

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    Quiero saber cómo se dice en inglés la palabra berrete.
    Berrete es la palabra que tiene la Real Academia de la Lengua para llamar a los restos de comida alrededor de la boca, pero seguro que hay muchas más que son populares aunque no reconocidas.
    ¿Hay algún angloparlante que me diga la palabra, por favor? Gracias.
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  2. Chez Senior Member

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    Sorry, mertamen, we don't have a specific word in English for this. We'd say, 'you've got crumbs on your mouth' or 'you've got food in the corner of your mouth' or other similar phrases, including 'you've got a moustache' (for example, when milk leaves a white mark around your top lip).
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    Here it suggests "rust-stains" but I would use that with a dog rather than a human. Are you talking about animals or humans?
  4. mertamen Member

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    I'm talking about humans.
    Thank you so much Chez and Lis48.

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