Beside, Next to, By & Close to


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Hey, I'd like to know what's the difference between the following 4 sentences:

The vet is beside the gift shop
The vet is next to the gift shop
The vet is by the gift shop
The vet is close to the gift shop

Thank you in advance
  • AlbertoHC1987

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    But all these sentences sound right?? I mean, is there any common way to say so? How would a native speaker say the idea??


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    Yes, they all sound right, though "by" is a little formal to my ear. The first three mean essentially the same thing; the last has a slightly different meaning.


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    The first two mean a very very close proximity. There is no confusion, if you know where the gift shop is, you know where the vet is.

    The second 2 leave a bit more room for distance, though they can also be equally as close as the first 2. If you know where the gift shop is, well, you're close at worst :).