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I've read that "moreover" is very formal and "besides" is more commonly used.
Is it true?

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    Same goes to "furthermore" in a casual dialog. "Plus" and "besides" are more frequently used in colloquial speeches.
    we normally use "besides" in our conversation, when we want to say apart from this thing or that.....

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    Would a sentence like "The car is in good condition, besides, it’s what I could afford" sound unnatural?
    It doesn't sound unnatural, but I think "The car is in good condition. It's all [that] I could afford anyway."

    However, if you're speaking this (rather than writing it), you could easily get away with saying something like "The car is in good condition. Besides, it's all I could afford".


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    I have no idea, it's just natural. Now that I think about it, it is kind of redundant, but when it is used in the middle of a sentence, "and" is usually added. I agree with the subsequent posts too. It could easily be written in two sentences:

    I really don't want to go to the zoo today. Besides, it looks like rain anyway.
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