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Hey guys, I am writing a cover letter in order to apply for a scholarship and I want to know if it is okay to use "besides" in this way:

"During my prior studies, I have acquired a number of skills, besides my very good academic record, that helped me to be one of the preferred students and to be accepted to pursue my master’s degree in Translation at the University..."

Thank you in advance
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    It doesn't quite work for me but I can't explain why :confused:
    I don't feel "acquire" is the right verb to go with your very "good academic record" - e.g. I have acquired a number of skills, besides (having acquired) my ..record,..." Or perhaps it's the possessive "my" which would be better replaced with "a" :rolleyes:

    I think I'd say something like "I have a good academic record and during my studies have acquired...."


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    The way besides is used in that sentence implies that your “very good academic record” is a skill. It’s not; it’s an achievement. It would make more sense to dispense with that word and change the order in which you make those statements. But we can’t do that for you on this forum.
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