1. Spinningsalsera New Member

    What is the difference between beso and besote?

    In context:

    besote grande or te mando un besote


    beso grande or te mando un beso grande

    I know beso is a kiss -- is besote the same type of kiss?

  2. SDLX Master

    SDLX Master Senior Member

    Lima, Peru
    Spanish - Peru
    Just a big kiss.
  3. ricardo6 Member

    Beso is a rather more formal expression, let's say that in an informal way, tacit way, beso is supposed to be given to your relatives or couple, besote is more appropiate for friends or colleagues. At least here in Spain. It's somewhat restrictive but it's like this.
  4. fenderchavez New Member

    American English & Chicano Spanglish
    Besote= a 'big smooch' rather than a kiss. It can be romantic or not, depending on the context.
  5. riancharles Senior Member

    USA, English
    I was talking to a friend on messenger and she said "un besote" at the end of the conversation. She is Mexican. As in Spain, can this also have a romantic / non-romantic meaning, depending on the context??

    I'm never quite sure how to figure out the meaning of all of the different forms of "beso"- besito, besote, muchos besos .etc....and thus I have a hard time using them....I'm sure it changes depending on the country as well..
  6. ch4rl1

    ch4rl1 Senior Member

    Spanish - Castilla y León
    Indistintamente podrías usar con alguien como despedida en SMS por ejemplo: 1 besote, 1 besito, muchos besos...

    Sin embargo si no es alguien tan cercano, aunque sí algo, 1 beso sería lo suyo
  7. yoliyoli Senior Member

    Spain and spanish
    Yo siempre mando un besote a los amigos y familia, así que nada de sentido romántico. Es una manera más cariñosa de enviar un beso.

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