1. xanana

    xanana Senior Member

    Kuala Lumpur
    Malaisie (English)
    I am asking regarding the expiry information on the labels of foodstuffs.
    In English, the oft-used phrase is "BEST BEFORE". But I've noticed on several products in my supermarket; that the french translation is given as "consommer avant le xxxxxxx". The french version seems more final but the english version is more accomodating. It's saying "Yes you may still continue to eat it after the expiry date but it would not be as good.

    How would one translate "BEST BEFORE" accurately into french ?

  2. Benjy

    Benjy Senior Member

    Milton Keynes, UK
    English - English
    if you live in canada you can say : meilleur avant le x i believe.
  3. You're right Benjy...in Canada the labels say Meilleure Avant, which translates exactly to Best Before. I have never seen a label that said Consommer Avant.

    Sometimes it even just says MAXXXX in French and BBXXXX in English.
  4. fetchezlavache

    fetchezlavache Senior Member

    metz, france
    in france it says 'à consommer (de préférence) avant le...'

    or 'date limite d'utilisation/de consommation :'
  5. That's really interesting...I wonder why it is so different here in Canada???
  6. Cath.S.

    Cath.S. Senior Member

    Bretagne, France
    français de France
    Because your consumers' unions are less powerful than ours?
  7. DDT

    DDT Senior Member

    Paris, France
    Italy - Italian
    You can also find "à consommer jusqu'à/au..." followed by the date

  8. Gil Senior Member

    Français, Canada
    Faut savoir de quoi on parle:
    "date limite de consommation" (DLC) "à consommer avant le..."
    "date limite d'utilisation optimale" (DLUO) "à consommer de préférence avant le..." (Cette mention s'utilise pour les produits de longue durée de conservation.)

    La DLUO semble correspondre à la mention "Best before..."

    Ces mentions sont de toutes façons définies par les lois ou règlements des pays où se consomme le produit.

    Le consommateur lambda que je suis ignorait tout celà et a dû fouiner sur Google pour comprendre quelque chose (hopefully...).
  9. Jabote Senior Member

    Mirabel, Quebec, Canada
    French from France
    On parle aussi de date de péremption
  10. gabach Member

    Barcelona, Spain
    français France
    Hi guys!

    Let me dig up this "old" thread since right now I need a hand for our pack to get adapted to the canadian market.

    we were told from a contact in Canada that in french (canadian french) we use for "best before" :

    "meilleure avant".

    but as far as I know, "meilleure" in this case is an averb and not an adjective... then should we write "meilleur avant", without that "e" at the end?

    our product is masculine, so though "meilleur" is considered as an adjective, it should be meilleur, without the "e"...

    am I right?


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