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Hello all.

During a wedding, the groom has a best man. What about the bride?

I have looked up in some dictionaries and have found that bridesmaid ( or flower girl) is the one that assists the bride, and I suppose it can be a child.

In Brazil, both the bride and the groom choose a couple (not necessarily married; a couple for each) that play the role of "godfathers and godmothers" during the ceremony, usually standing beside the couple..

What is the custom in the US, UK, Australia, etc?

Is there just one best man for both; or one best man for each of them?
Is there a lady that will stand in the altar with him?
Thank you
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    Hello, ralife,

    I think your question is:

    What do English-speaking people call the woman who assists the bride in the way that a best man assists the groom?
    I believe this thread will answer that question.
    If it doesn't, please add to that thread. I am closing this one.

    Please let me know if I have misunderstood your question, so I can reopen the thread. :)


    If you have questions about what we call other members of the wedding, please open a thread for each of them.

    Your question about wedding customs is interesting, but it falls outside the scope of this forum, except insofar as it is related to the meaning of words used in English-speaking countries.
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