best of luck in your future endeavours

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  1. bonisqui New Member

    Canada - English
    I'm trying to translate the phrase "...and I wish you all the best of luck in your future endeavours" for a letter from an employer to potential job applicants. This is found at the end of the letter and I feel like it's not so much a translation of the phrase I'm looking for but a translation of the custom? What would a French person write instead? Thank you
  2. bonisqui New Member

    Canada - English
    How about "on vous souhaite les meilleurs voeux dans vos efforts futurs"?? pas le bon mot...
  3. gao Senior Member

    Shanghai, China
    En vous souhaitant bon courage dans la suite de vos recherches.

    This is what I use in French, and in English "best of luck in your endeavours" always sounds very personal to me, but I may be wrong.
    "recherches" may sound a little presumptious as well, you have to keep in mind I'm usually answering applications for internships.
  4. whynot303 Member

    France, French
    oui, "bon courage"ou "bonne chance", et "pour la suite de vos recherches" ou "dans la suite de vos recherches". Je l'ai lu plusieurs fois.
  5. bonisqui New Member

    Canada - English
    Merci :)
    Je crois que j'ai fini par écrire "bonne chance pour le futur", ce qui ne me faisait pas du tout. Mais ce que vous avez là, ça fera pour la prochaine fois!
  6. Klow

    Klow Member

    Belgium and French
    et comme dirait Isaac Kleiner: "Bon voyage, and best of luck in your future endeavors!" :p

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