Best text book series to accompany Korean Grammar in Use?

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I'm planning to get the beginner and intermediate books from the Korean Grammar in Use series, but I've heard that it's not a suitable book as the main study source.

After doing some research I'm thinking about getting Master KOREAN by Darakwon, but I'd be happy to hear some other book recommendations or your opinion on the Master Korean series, since there are hardly any reviews online.

Thank you so much in advance!
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    Hello MsAurora,
    I can't say much about Master KOREAN by Darakwon as I've haven't stumbled upon any sites or threads mentioning it, but I did see "My Korean" series by Monash University often being talked about or mentioned in several different forums. Along with it, Sogang Korean, Integrated Korean, and Korean Made Simple were some other recommendations that showed up quite often. Depending what your goal is (conversational? overall grammar? vocabulary? etc.), these sites below recommend some good resources for studying Korean. You could also google and comapre some other recommendations and check out the ones that are most frequently suggested. Hope this helps.

    The 5 Best Korean Books for Language Students
    8 Amazing Korean Textbooks for Effective Korean Learning
    The 10 Best Korean Textbooks for Self Study (Updated 2019)



    Ich spreche ein bisschen Deutsch. As a native Korean speaker, we really do not know which textbook would be suitable for you.

    I hope to hear what other native German or English speakers experienced. That would be very helpful for you.

    Well, my professors were from Germany and Wien and so on. The students from Europe studied the specific Korean text books

    provided from our university at that time. We had Meifest every year in here.

    Good luck.
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