Best way to learn vocabulary that has kanji in it?


Sometimes when I want read let say a news in Japanese, it has so many kanjis. Sometimes I just put it on Google Translate just to know what the kanji is. Lets say you read a paragraph and there's maybe 16 different kanji's, with 8 vocabularies. So, is it better to study the vocabulary as one whole word and forget the meaning of the kanji, OR just learn the meaning kanji as well, one by one, that will consume more time.

For example, 写真。Shashin (Photo)

Either learn the word, by just memorizing Shashin? or learn the each kanji in the vocab?

Also, thanks a lot for posting replies and tips in improving Japanese.
  • Toucher

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    Hi Muz, I'm a Japanese student student learning Chinese, which has similar but slightly different kanjis and their meanings are also different.
    I think it is better to learn both of the word itself and the meanings of each kanji if the word consists of more than two kanjis.

    Some word are read irregularly so you have to remember it as a whole word, not kanji by kanji.

    As a native Japanese speakers, I learn a word first by ears and learn how to write it with kanji at school, when it comes to basic vocabulary.
    But for more difficult words, it helps me a lot to know the meanings of kanjis themselves.

    I hope I understand your question right. Although I don't know what made you decide to learn Japanese, good luck and wish you achieve your goal.
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