best wishes for your common life?


Hello there,

I wanted to post my greetings to befriended newly-weds on Facebook, when I realised I really don't know how to say what we say in Slovak. Tha calque translation would be "Best wishes for your common life." However I am not satisfied with the word common here, as it also means usual, and I would like to avoid this ambiguity. I was also considering married life or shared life, but I am not truly satisfied with any option.

I will be grateful for any comments on this :)
Thank you
  • Juhasz

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    "Married life" is correct, but it's a little plain; "shared life" is a little more poetic. More common would be "your life together."


    Oh, my dear, sorry for the awkward wording, I mean a newly married couple who are my friends :). What do you think about the "common life" variant? Would it be acceptable as well? thank you!


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    "Your common life" would seem to be one of these meanings of "common":
    • of frequent occurrence;usual;familiar: It was a common error.
    • of mediocre quality:a rough, common fabric.
    • having or showing bad manners; socially unacceptable:common manners.
    • lacking rank, station, etc.; ordinary; not special

    Hermione Golightly

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    'Your common life' is not idiomatic as Myridon's references suggest. Your 'life in common' is also not idiomatic in this context. 'Your life/future/future life together sounds right to me.
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