Best wishes for your surgery

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  1. etudian Senior Member

    Japanese, Japan
    Bonjour !

    Is there a nice thing to say (or write at the end of an email) in French to someone who is about to have a surgery, like "best wishes for your surgery"?

    Meilleurs voeux pour votre chirurgie.

    Does this work?

    Merci d'avance !
  2. dedelia Senior Member

    France French
    my try: courage pour ton opération (ou bonne chance)
  3. vc74 Member

    dedelia's suggestion sounds good

    You can add 'je vous souhaite un prompt retablissement' which means 'I wish you a quick recovery '
  4. etudian Senior Member

    Japanese, Japan
    Can you say

    Courage pour votre opération

    to someone much older than you whom you respect? (I should have specified the context!)

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