best wishes on/to your new job

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  1. tonguingaround Senior Member

    Spanish Argentina
    Hi there
    is it
    All the best wishes to your new job !
    All the best wishes on your new job !

    when someone is starting a new job. Thanks in advance
  2. ILT

    ILT Senior Member

    México - Español/Castellano
    ... on your new job.

  3. Suzie166 Member

    English - UK
    I would say 'Best wishes for your new job' if you want to use the phrase 'best wishes'.

    It would sound more natural to say 'best of luck at your new job' or 'all the best at your new job'.

    In English (UK) we don't really use 'all the best wishes'. We would tend to say 'All the best', 'Best wishes' or 'All good wishes'.
  4. jazzboyrules New Member

    North Carolina, USA
    Hindi, Gujarati, English-India
    I would interpret "All the best for your new job." as giving wishes to someone going to get a new job, going for an interview.

    "All the best on your new job." sounds like wishing someone who is going to his/her new job for the first time.
  5. donbill

    donbill Senior Member / Moderator

    South Carolina / USA
    English - American
    Best wishes [to you] on your new job! / or maybe, Best wishes to you at your new job [at your new place of employment]. Best wishes on is the safest option.
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  6. Suzie166 Member

    English - UK
    I'm afraid I have to disagree! Perhaps it's a UK thing? I think the use of 'on' here sounds strange in conjunction with 'best wishes'. 'Congratulations' I would follow with 'on', but obviously that doesn't express the same sentiment as we are discussing here.

    I think that you congratulate someone on something, and you wish good things for them.

    I guess perhaps it is just a matter of personal preference.
  7. donbill

    donbill Senior Member / Moderator

    South Carolina / USA
    English - American
    Maybe preference, maybe 3000 miles of ocean! I simply wouldn't say "best wishes for" in this context. I would, however, say "best wishes for the holidays."
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