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Hi All

Can anyone please tell me unique wordings for giving Anniversary wishes to the couple. I am looking for something very nice and unique. I hope anyone can help me out.

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    It is absolutely for us (or anybody else) to come up with a unique (one-of-a-kind) expression since we have absolutely no idea whether it would have been used previously.


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    Hi Harsirat,

    You're relatively new here, so maybe it would help you to know that it's best if when you ask a question like this, you offer a couple examples of your own.

    I can say at this point that Best Wishes is actually very nice. All you'd have to do is add something of a personal nature about the couple you're sending these best wishes to.

    For example:

    Best wishes to two people who show by their example how beautiful love can be.

    See? you could take those two words and expand them into something personal and unique. Since none of us know this couple, we can't do that part for you. :)

    I hope this helps. If you have other questions about it, just ask!


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    I agree that we will be able to help you better if you give us a try of your own. Also, it is a rule of the forum that you give us a starting point for our discussion. ;)

    If any of the helpful suggestions made above gives you an idea and you are welcome to ask us about it.


    I have couple of examples in my mind...

    1. Congratulations on your first anniversary. Wish you all the happliness in life.

    2. May each moment brings a lot of joy and happiness and good luck in your life..

    3. Keep smiling and have fun!

    The couple is actually very close to me. SO I am looking for something unique and beautiful.



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    Congratulations on your first anniversary. May you have a hundred more -- and may I be there to toast you!