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    Please explain the context - why are you wanting to say one of these sentences and what are you wanting to convey?


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    Welcome to the forum, firstsoldier.:)

    "Best wishes" would probably be sufficient. I would add "to you" - maybe - if I wanted to be specific: "Best wishes to you for your birthday next week".

    Did you have any particular reason for wanting to add on something to "best wishes"?


    Thank you
    No there is no reason
    I just saw its usage by "with" in a non-native writing
    I wanted to know whether it is true or not?


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    Do you mean you saw "with best wishes"? If so, then that is a possible alternative, less frequently used than simply "best wishes".


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    That was in your original question, and Velisarius has already answered, and I agree with her. You should say simply "best wishes". A native speaker would not say "best wishes for you".
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