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I'm reading a poem, but i certainly don't know what does "bestrode" mean...
Any clue? Oo!
I'm not sure if it's old English, but was wrote on 1828...

Thanks in advance !! n_n
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    You should add more context. It makes it easier for everyone. Anyway,it's the past tense of "bestride":

    Pronunciation: bi-'strId, bE-
    Function: transitive verb
    Inflected Form(s): be·strode /-'strOd/; be·strid·den /-'stri-d&n/; be·strid·ing /-'strI-di[ng]/
    1 : to ride, sit, or stand astride : STRADDLE
    2 : to tower over : DOMINATE <the bloated bureaucracy that bestrides us all -- Edward Ney>
    3 archaic : to stride across


    Español, México
    Bestrode es pretérito de bestride, significa cabalgar, estar sentado a horcajadas y salvar o franquear una corriente. (Según mi viejo diccionario)


    Español Mexico
    Thanks a lot! You both were really helpful!
    Here's the context I forgot (-.-)

    "But the hawk now sails the air,
    And the foe bestrode the mare,
    And the bride a wreath is wreathing
    For a new love, warm and breathing."
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