1. Yajaira

    Yajaira Senior Member

    Texas, USA
    U.S. English
    Is the word "betún" for "cake frosting" used only in the Mexico and the US or is it used in other countries as well? I know it also means "shoe polish" and "bitumen." Does anyone know why that word is common in Mexico since it has such a different connotation in other countries?
  2. garual

    garual Senior Member

    PR - Spanish
    I've only ever known "betún" to be translated as shoe polish in the US and Puerto Rico. I didn't know it could also mean 'frosting' in other regions.
  3. kristina24 Senior Member

    In Chile, Betún is shoe polish
  4. UVA-Q

    UVA-Q Senior Member

    Mexico City
    México - Español
    No idea, sorry! Ineresting question! we also call it "cobertura" in México, but is more common to call it "betún".

    Saludos :)
  5. ILT

    ILT Senior Member

    México - Español/Castellano
    In Mexico betún means both, frosting and shoe polish and no, there is no confusion because context is everything.
    If you are talking about cake ingredients and the sort, it is understood as frosting.
    If you are talking about shoes, it is understood as shoe polish.
  6. Yajaira

    Yajaira Senior Member

    Texas, USA
    U.S. English
    I've always known it to mean "shoe polish" so imagine my surprise when someone asked if I liked "betún de chocolate" or "betún de vainilla" on my cake! I don't know if it's regional to a certain part of Mexico because I hear the word all the time in the part of Texas where I live. In another part of Texas where I used to live that also had a large Mexican-American community, I never heard the word. I've heard "glaseado" and "baño de pastel" (which sounds strange too).

    Hopefully, others will contribute to shed more light on this.

  7. Pinairun

    Pinairun Senior Member

    According to the Spanish Dictionary, in Honduras and El Salvador "betún" maybe cake frosting.
  8. Yajaira

    Yajaira Senior Member

    Texas, USA
    U.S. English
    ¡Gracias a todos por responderme tan pronto!

    Yajaira :)
  9. Robbie168

    Robbie168 Senior Member

    Mexico City
    Spanish, English - US & UK
    Hi there!

    I don't think it would be quite regional as here in Mexico City it is used as "betún de chocolate" for shoe polish it is more common to hear "crema/grasa/cera para zapatos".



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