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Beta pronunciation

  • BAY ta

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  • BI ta

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  • DPR

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    US (English)
    In the United States, it is BAY-ta ("ay" in "day" or "ey" in "they")...In Britain, it is BI-ta or BEE-ta ("e" vowel as in "beet" or "delete").

    Other Greek letters with the "e" vowel (e.g. ETA, THETA, etc.) also exhibit these differing pronunciations. As Wikipedia says, "The Commonwealth [British] pronunciation is more naturalised [to English] than the American, which is more in keeping with the ancient Greek." Interesting, modern Greek uses a vowel closer to the British pronunciation, as opposed to ancient Greek or American English.

    Wikipedia article "American_and_British_English_differences#Slight_lexical_differences"


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    HK Cantonese
    DPR said:
    Bu yong xie.
    (Come si dice questo in lingua cantonese? :))
    Two ways:
    1 唔駛 m4 sai2
    2 唔駛客氣 m4 sai2 haak3 hei3

    The first one means' no need'.
    The second one is similar to'You are welcome' in English.
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