betrayal or a "betrayal"?

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I do know "betrayal" is not a noun. Because of that I do not know if I have to use articles with abstract words. So, if wanna say: It is betrayal or a betrayal
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    I do know "betrayal" is not a noun.
    Sorry, but "betrayal" is indeed a noun - and usually a countable one at that. So yes, you need an article in most cases.

    In the other hand, there's no such English word as "wanna." It's only written when one wants to demonstrate the lack of enunciation by a speaker .... or by somebody who cannot write proper English.


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    You can say either one of those things.

    It is a betrayal. = It is one specific instance of betrayal.
    It is betrayal. It is a thing that can be considered "betrayal."
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