Better lock it down with nate

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    (Gossip Girl- American TV drama)

    A girl and a man went into a room. She started taking off the man's clothes, and pushed him to bed.

    Girl: I wanna do this...

    Boy: Now? I thought you wanted to wait.

    Girl: Not any more. Better lock it down with nate. Clocking is ticking.

    What does "better lock it down with nate" mean?

    Many thanks!
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  2. "Nate" is usually a guy's name. Was there a Nate in the story?
  3. owlman5

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    This is just a guess, but she could have been saying "..better lock it down with Nate." Does the "boy" have a roommate named "Nate"? That would mean something like "Make sure Nate doesn't interrupt us".
  4. Daffodil100

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    Thank you both for your help. Yes, Nate was the guy who with the girl. Previously I was confused by "nate", which is not capitalised in the subtitle. I looked it up with my dictionary, but found nothing except nates, which means bottoms.

    Now I see.

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