better, matter - Wales tapped r in place of /t/ and /d/ (pronunciation)

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  • SydLexia

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    UK English
    I assume he's talking about the 'tapped r' as opposed to the 'rolled r'.

    will, could you give us some examples of where this might occur?



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    English, U.S.
    The Google Books Ngram Viewer shows a jolly mix of "tap r", "flap r", "tapped r", "flapped r" for that sound.
    My linguistic dictionaries say some phoneticians distinguish between a tap and a flap, but it seems too technical for here.
    The words given by will (better, gotta, somebody...) are all good examples of taps/flaps in American English, but—back to will's original question—
    I've never heard of the tflapp(ed) /t/ and /d/ having a place in the British Isles. Is there a well-kept secret in Wales?
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