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Hi. I guess people can use either one, as in, "You are better off taking this course", or "it's better for you to take this course"

I just want to know which sounds more natural/is more widely used? Are they truly interchangeable? Thanks
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    Hi Puppy. Well, for me personally I prefer the first one ~ it sounds more natural.
    You are better off taking this course = that is the best option available to you, the wisest choice to make, the one that will do you the most good.
    If I saw the other one in writing I'd very probably read it like this:
    It's better for you to take this course = it's better for your health to take it.


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    Hi, all,

    Could you tell me whether I can say : you are better off to take this course?

    Does it sound natural and have the same meaning as "you are better taking this course"?

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