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My apologies if this was covered before, but the Search function does not seem to be working.

"Don't you have better things to do?" intended to berate/scold someone for getting engaged in trivia, gossip, etc. As an affirmative statement: "I've got better things to do!" meaning "I don't have time for this nonsense, minutiae, etc.

Is there an idiomatic expression in Italian or is it translated literally?
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    "Non hai niente di meglio da fare?" question form
    "Ho di meglio da fare" affirmative statement

    might satisfy your query.


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    In Italian we have the same expression actually, namely Non hai di meglio da fare? or Non hai niente di meglio da fare? I cannot think about any other expression at the moment, but this one is pretty common and used and it has the same meaning.



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    It's usually "altro/meglio da fare":

    "Non hai [niente] di meglio da fare?"

    "Scusami, ho altro da fare!"
    "...ho cose più importanti a cui pensare/badare!"
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