between business and workers

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Do you think that it is mistake to understand here business as Companies? Because usually people work in workplaces, Companies and not just "business" and it's either people that own any business. I'm not sure what they wanted to say here with business. Thanks.

As I travel around the country, I tell people: if you have a job, join a union. And if you don’t have a union, start one. You see, it all comes down to the balance of power between business and workers. You strengthen the middle class by strengthening unions.

Source: "Why Unions Mater to You," by Robert Reich
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    It’s used uncountably (business = commerce/trade/industry) but it implies “business owners”, in which business is used countably.


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    No, it's not a mistake; it means companies, company bosses, 'the management' versus the workers (those who work in the companies, particularly the lower-paid, more junior workers – who should form unions to fight for their rights agains the bosses, according to this article).
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