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Bonjour tout le monde,
Here's a complex translation question:
I would like to put the word "between" as a title in French. But by that word I mean "the work between a design and a product".
Should I write:
Entre? (I feel that it's insufficient)

Do you have a suggestion??

Merci :)

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    I am not sure but do you want to say from design to product (meaning whatever work/stages that is/are in between) ?


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    Hello Pikilia,

    I mean the work that takes place between a product design (the product idea) and a finished developed product delivered into the market. So it is the stage in between, or the work that goes in it. I hope it's more clear :)



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    "Travail achevé entre l'idée de base et la version final du projet"

    Maybe it's too long for a title and it might be more simple, but if I correctly understood what you want to mean, the signification is right.


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    Thank you so much for your suggestions :)

    If I would like to translate the word "between" for an online button (very short space), to mean the whole sentence "between design and product" and in that context, which word (or two) should i use?

    for example could I use:
    a conception?
    Travail achevé?

    Thanks again for your help
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