between him and me / he and I

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    Mi libro de inglés dice que después de una preposición va "me,you,him,her, us,them", pero mi maestro de inglés no estaba del todo seguro y decía que tambíen se podía "I,you,he,she,we,they".

    The table is between him and me.
    The table is between he and I.

    What is correct?

  2. kayokid

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    Your book is correct. However, more and more you hear people say "between he and I" in spoken AE. The easy way to get around this problem is to paraphrase the sentence and say something like: The table is between the two of us.
  3. Paul Clancy Senior Member

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    The incorrect version is "between he and I" and remains so even in spoken version although as you say "you will hear it said in the US". You might hear it said in Ireland too, you might even see it written down .. but it is incorrect.
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    I don't think I've ever heard "it's between he and I," but I have heard things like "it's between him and I." I agree that "it's between him and me" is standard.
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    Just make a sentence using the plural and you'll see wich is the correct answer:

    That tree is between we and they:cross:
    That tree is between us and them:tick:

    I have read other thread about a topic related with this and I'm not as sure today as I was yestarday...
    I will keep using "us", "me", "them", etc. after between, but won't blame someone who uses the other pronouns.
    Here is the link to that thread
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  6. Ken_Sayers New Member

    According to the New Oxford American Dictionary, ver. 2.1.1, "between" is a preposition.

    "between |biˈtwēn| (abbr.: bet.)
    1 at, into, or across the space separating (two objects or regions)"

    Given that “between” is a preposition, it precludes the use of the nominative case to follow. "He and I" therefore must be considered wrong.

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