between my sister and I/myself/me, I am...

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  1. kacky New Member

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    Between my sister and myself, I have always been the more radical.

    From what other posts say, it seems that myself isn't correct. I couldn't find anything that addressed comparatives specifically though.
  2. Cagey post mod (English Only / Latin)

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    Welcome, and thank you for checking the previous threads. :)

    The form the pronoun takes depends on "between". It doesn't make a difference that the sentence involves a comparison. It should be "between my sister and me."
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  3. se16teddy

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    Yes, the use of the word myself after and is one of the things that prescriptive grammarians like to carp about.

    It is useless to tell them that many respected writers ignore their rule.
  4. Cagey post mod (English Only / Latin)

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    That's true; it probably is useless, if the question is what will be considered standard by teachers and on tests, and in other situations in which you want to show your mastery of English grammar.

    However, if you want a more general answer, here is what's Usage note has to say about constructions like the one we are discussing:
    [Myself] is also uncommon as a simple object in place of me: Since the letter was addressed to myself, I opened it. As part of a compound subject, object, or complement, myself and to a lesser extent the other -self forms are common in informal speech and personal writing, somewhat less common in more formal speech and writing: The manager and myself completed the arrangements. Many came to welcome my husband and myself back to Washington.
    They don't specifically refer to the the use of myself as the object of a preposition like between, but we can assume it is included in the general statement.

    (You may find entire the Usage note interesting. It is approximately in the center of the linked page.)
  5. kacky New Member

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    Thanks for your responses. That was the only example I could think of where my dialect might have strayed from prescriptive grammar rules regarding I/me/myself. It is the repetition of "my" that makes me doubt "me." I was thinking more along the lines of "My sister and my self" than "my sister and myself." I now see the folly of me ways.
  6. Cagey post mod (English Only / Latin)

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    (Actually, I like the rhetorical effect of "my sister and myself", now that you point it out. I wouldn't try it in English class though, unless se16teddy is in charge. ;))
  7. Er.S.M.M.Hanifa Banned

    1. There is no quarrel between my sister and me/myself.
    Here what should I use either 'me' or myself'?
    Or if I use either of them, there is no grammar mistake?
    Please explain.

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