between people who know one another

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  1. Krybro Senior Member

    How do we say in Arabic: This custom is followed between people who know one another?

    تُطبّق هذه العادة بين الأشخاص الذين يعرف بعضهم البعض

    Or should I use يعرفون? I think that the original version is the only one correct.
  2. elroy

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    I would use يعرفون.
  3. Krybro Senior Member

    Isn't بعضُهم البعض a subject, therefore requiring the preceding verb to be neutralized?
  4. Abu Talha Senior Member

    I think يعرف بعضُهم بعضًا is correct for the reason you mention. Note I changed the بعضهم البعض (which is considered a common error) to بعضُهم بعضًا.

    Another possibility is بين الذين هم متارفون .
  5. Ibn Nacer Senior Member

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    This is an interesting question, I was faced with the same problem...

    For example about the agreement, look at this thread (from post 7): يَتَعَارَفَانِ / هُمَا مُتعارفان

    Later in this thread (see post #16), I also mention the question about the pronoun called "الضمير العائد/الرابط" (Yes because generally in this type of sentence there is this type of pronoun).

    I also thought of using the participle (from the verb تَعَارَفَ) in this this thread : يَتَعَارَفَانِ / هُمَا مُتعارفان but before this I thought we could use the verb تَعَارَفَ : I asked this question (in this post #3) in french : Would it be correct to use the verb تَعَارَفَ in place of عَرَفَ بَعْضُهُمْ بَعْضً ? (Est-ce qu'il serait correcte d'utiliser le verbe تَعَارَفَ à la place de عَرَفَ بَعْضُهُمْ بَعْضًا ?)

    However it seems that Arabic speakers do not understand the two sentences in the same way.

    I've seen this several times, where did you read that it's a mistake?
    Thank you.
  6. Abu Talha Senior Member

    Salut, I'll defer to the native speakers then. There are often nuances in aspect/tense that are hard to learn except with experience. Maybe there is a imperfectness associated with يتعارف that يعرف does not have?

    It's commonly found in dictionaries of common errors. See the section under بعض here:
    معجم الأخطاء الشائعة - محمد العدناني
    Interestingly الزعبلاوي allows كلّمــوا بعضهم بعضا in addition to كلّم بعضهم بعضا. It's almost as if بعضهم بعضا are not the subject and object respectively, but some sort of explanation to the verb with an implied subject and object. (Sorry, not very good with i3raab terminology). Like saying:
    They spoke, some of them to the others.
    Some of them spoke to the others.

    Also, in the constructions كلم بعضهم البعض or اعتدى على بعضهم البعض (if they were correct) I think البعض will be the subject of the verb. This is more evident in the verb with an indirect object.
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  7. Ibn Nacer Senior Member

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    Salut Abu Talha, salut aussi aux autres membres...

    Sorry for my late reply.
    Thank you for your helpful reply.

    I had things to say but maybe I'll do it later...
    Thank you very much.

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