between you and I, a pun?

Discussion in 'English Only' started by tonko, Mar 25, 2010.

  1. tonko Senior Member

    Hello :D
    I'm not sure how common is this mistake in colloquial language,specifically among native English speakers, actually I would not define if as a mistake but rather considered it as a hypercorrection. So I was simply thinking, and this kind of pun just pop in my mind.

    Between U and I is nothing.
    Between you and I is nothing.

    I would appreciate a comment from some of you if you would happen to find it funny and read it as a pun, or it has no sense at all.
  2. bluegiraffe

    bluegiraffe Senior Member

    Nottingham, England
    English - England
    I don't understand it at all. Where is the pun?
  3. Nucleara

    Nucleara Senior Member

    Do you mean the contonent 'U' instead of 'you' ?
  4. Spira Banned

    South of France
    UK English
    Well, to begin with, it should read between you and me (me being the dative case of the first person pronoun)

    As far as the pun goes, I suppose the first one can mean something (although working backwards there are actually eleven letters between U and I), even if I have seen funnier ones.
  5. bluegiraffe

    bluegiraffe Senior Member

    Nottingham, England
    English - England
    I still don't get it.
  6. tonko Senior Member

    Ok in that case maybe it is silly, the point would be that is logical at least to a native speaker.
    I said a soft of a pun as it should have a triple meaning, at least to me it does.
    I'm not sure what did you grasp but apparenty not enough ambiguous to be considered as a form of word play.
  7. xqby

    xqby Senior Member

    Oxnard, CA
    English (U.S.)
    What is there to grasp? Explain yourself, please. I don't follow your logic at all when you say that this is a pun.
  8. Spira Banned

    South of France
    UK English
    @blue giraffe
    I'm guessing that between H and I there is nothing is really the pun.
    Let's just hope I know someone called H.
  9. tonko Senior Member

    But there are no letters between U and I on a standard keyboard.
  10. Topsie

    Topsie Senior Member

    Avignon, France
    Is it funny in Italian?
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  11. Spira Banned

    South of France
    UK English
    Aaaaah! :)
    (I didn't think of a keyboard, sorry!)
  12. tonko Senior Member

    I'm sorry I did not intend to be pretentious claiming myself to be a funny guy, simply I was trying to come up with something, probably fare away from funny but there is some sense in it, at least to me :D

    You can imagine how demanding it could be to make a pun being a non-native speaker. Just trying to be creative.
  13. Spira Banned

    South of France
    UK English
    It's not bad, actually.
    Just need to make sure that your audience knows how to type (and confuses I with me)
  14. tonko Senior Member

    Yes, therefore I do consider it as 'a computer pun', meaning it can only be used if you are close to a keyboard.
    And I was thinking that "between U and I" is nothing as it is grammatically incorrect. It could maybe even mean "between us there is nothing".

    Anyroad, thanks for all the comments. :D
  15. pickarooney

    pickarooney Senior Member

    Provence, France
    English (Ireland)
    But the "0" key is above and to the right of the "I" so it fails as a computer pun.
  16. Cagey post mod (English Only / Latin)

    English - US
    It would work on my keyboard, if I were thinking of a keyboard. However, that is very unlikely in my case.
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  17. tonko Senior Member

    Ok , I give up :D

    @pickarooney Thanks for your remark, "0" is more nothing than "no key", and that would be perfect.

    @Cagey Ok, it is too much confusing obviously, then there is no charm in it.

    p.s. Thank you all for the interesting discussion, any further comments are welcomed and will be appreciated.

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