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Hi! Dear all:
Can anyone help me about the exact meaning of the following passage? It is about a king who was blamed for his inability to remedy his people suffering from famine and plague. After that calamities, The king went on a pilgrimage. It is mentionable that his nation were extremely religious. All the Events occurred in the 19th Century. I guessed it means that the pilgrimage improved the previously tarnished image of the king, but I am not sure.
"The royal pilgrimage elevated king's religious devotion beyond a blemish in the public eye."
Thanks very much.
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    Hello Aryana

    Am I right that the original sentence had Naser al-Din's instead of king's? And that the source is this book: Iran: A Modern History by Abbas Amanat?
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    The context is that the Shah decided to visit a holy shrine in Iraq - an unusual step as Shahs did not used to leave Persia and it was also politically risky as it could have worsened relations between Iraq and Persia. The visit was a success.

    The book is not well translated or, if it is not translated, the proofreading could have been better. The example is somewhat obscure and not idiomatic. It seems to mean

    "The royal pilgrimage with its religious overtones raised the public's opinion of the Shah"
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