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Unfortunately, in the lengthy post-mortems over our exit from the world cup (why cant we just accept that we weren't good enough), we perhaps haven't quite understood just what the death of Bob Woolmer means to the game. Cricket, like all sport, has never been far from controversy. From Bodyline through to match-fixing, the image of the gentleman's game was only a carefully cultivated media myth. The cricket world always existed beyond the leisurely Sunday afternoon match at the gymkhana, where over glasses of nimbu pani and plates of chicken sandwiches, the colonial dictum prevailed that it wasn't winning or losing but playing by the rules that was the ultimate symbol of 'sportsmanship".

I know the meaning of `leisurely' but I couldn't understand what is `beyond the leisurely'.
Could you explain it?
  • Carrie2

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    Beyond the leisurely is not an expression in itself. The leisurely Sunday afternoon match is a noun phrase. The text says that the cricket world has always existed beyond this.

    If this isn't clear I'll try to explain it another way...
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