bière coupée à l'eau

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Français. Québec¸Canada.

Dans certaines manifestations sportives ou autres, comme le hockey ou le football, la bière vendue est volontairement "coupée à l'eau", c'est-à-dire qu'elle est diluée avec de l'eau.

Comment dit-on "bière coupée à l'eau" en anglais ? Y a-t-il un équivalent ?


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    lite = having relatively few calories : "lite beer"; "lite mayonnaise"
    You don't add water to get a light (lite) beverage, it's a different fabrication using artificial sweeteners, vegetal grease, less added products.
    And for "couper d'eau" you have also "dilute" and "cut"
    water down
    To make sth weaker, To reduce the strength or effectiveness of sth: "It seemed clear by late autumn that the ban would be significantly watered down or removed altogether before the trade bill became law" George R. Packard
    . Some people say the new regulations water down several laws that protect people who rent apartments in the city. Once the bill is introduced, he's worried that lawmakers will water it down.
    Hope it helps!


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    I was being sarcastic. But lite beer doesn't contain artificial sweeteners It's just made with less alcohol (because there's less sugar used) so naturally, it tastes more watered down.


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    Sorry:( ! I should have guessed because of :D !!!!
    Sunday is a hard night's day
    Trying to help
    No drama. I just didn't want to mislead anyone. :)


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    Syagrius said:
    "watered down beer" was what I was looking for.

    Check with google.

    Bye bye everybody
    And, "watered-down" is often used figuratively for other situations as well. "The standardized test is so watered-down from its original that any moron could pass it now." "The preacher gave a watered-down version of his sermon for the children so they could understand it."
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