bichinho da leitura

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I am not sure about the meaning of ‚bichinho’ in following sentence:
Abriram uma livraria de títulos novos e usados, irresistiveis para quem vive com o bichinho da leitura.

i know that “bichinho” is a small “bicho” but it must have here a special meaning. I can only guess that it would mean somethimg like very fond of but need the help of a native speaker as no dictionary gives an adequate explanation for this particular way of saying.
Thankson beforehand for
  • "very fond of" is a precise way of look at it, and insted of "very strong enthusiasm" I'd say "a small curiosity gaining form" wich later grow strong. For instance, some musician have the "bichinho da música" when they're young, witch grow into a very strong enthusiasm. Some writters, "o bichinho da escrita". That's why the diminutive "bichinho", it's the idea of something gaining form.

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    Imagine that you got bitten by a tsetse fly. The effect is unavoidable, you're gonna sleep. Can't resist.
    If you got bitten by the traveling bug, then you wouldn't resist to traveling.
    And so on.
    Bitten by the reading bug, you are supposedly inoculated with a disease that makes it hard to resist to a bookshelf.

    E eu admito que sair de um "sebo" dos bons é coisa que exige uma enorme força de vontade.
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