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  1. jondoh1967 New Member

    Cant seem to find what this means and i've done some heavy search.

    I think atar if referencing a volcano i.e beautiful/maganda
    and Unu Nah means me and you?

    "aw.. atar manay, unu nah"

    anyone have an idea?

  2. Anicol New Member

    Manay is a respectful way to say sister, usually older sister.
  3. jondoh1967 New Member


    Thanks for the response, what is "atar unu nah" is that strictly a bicol term?

  4. Anicol New Member

    I asked a friend who speaks Bicol and they don't recognize "atar unu nah".
  5. jondoh1967 New Member

    Someone from Bicol said the word Atar is used to emphasize unu nah meaning "how are you" etc..
  6. QueenInHyeon New Member

    Hi! I speak Bicol but I don't understand what this means. Except for manay, a term used to refer to an older sister, other words are not Bicolano words.
  7. Pretty_Gaella

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    "aw.. atar manay, unu nah"
    Atar was incorrectly typed/encoded on that sentence.
    Because atar could be "tara" so the sentence should be "aw.. tara manay, unu nah" which means
    "Ate kumusta na?" or "How are you sis?"


    atar is a slang dialect for money in Renconada Area here in Bicol Region.
    (If atar will be used as the slang dialect is Renconada, the sentence will not make any sense. So I therefore conclude that is just a typo error)

    I agree that manay is a term for a big sister. But this is commonly used here in Bicol as an endearment to women (most of the times to older women) whether you know her or not. Manoy is used for men :)


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