1. LucheMan New Member

    West Virginia, USA
    English - US
    I am trying to create a bicycle team name for a team of two. Are the following name accurate?

    Team of two: equipo de dos

    Partners of the wheel: socios de loa rueda

    what would be a translation for "road rascals"

    Any more suggestions for a name for a bicycle team of a male and a female?

    Thank you for your help,

  2. Piripon New Member

    For a bicycle team of two: Tándem

    If the two are male and female: Tándem mixto

    Hope it helps,

  3. fenixpollo

    fenixpollo moderator

    American English
    I'm sorry, but your request to help you come up with a team name is beyond the scope of the dictionary forum. We only translate words and short phrases, one at a time. Piripon has suggested a translation for the phrase "team of two", and I think it's a good one. For the other phrases, you'll have to open one new thread for each phrase you want to translate.

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