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Does he mean that he wouldn't resist to say give me support to the satan by "bid him get behind me?

"Hold thy peace, Wamba," said Gurth; "it may all be as thou dost guess; but were the horned devil to rise and proffer me his assistance to set at liberty Cedric and the Lady Rowena, I fear I should hardly have religion enough to refuse the foul fiend's offer, and bid him get behind me." (Ivanhoe)Many thanks
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    Bid him means to command/order him (to get behind me.) He's saying that he wouldn't have the strength/willpower/belief to tell the devil to go away, and would therefore not be able to resist temptation.
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    It is a paraphrase from several locations in the Bible, where Jesus says, "Get thee behind me, Satan" meaning stop tempting me.

    Gurth is saying that he might not have the strength of will (or faith of religion) to resist the Devil's offer.
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